Monday, January 4, 2010

Libertarian John Monds endorses Taylor Bryant!

Hey Kids,

Georgia's next Governor, Libertarian John Monds, has issued a press release endorsing Taylor Bryant for State Senate!

The Georgia Assembly will have difficult decisions to make in this year’s legislative session. The economy, education, and taxation are a few of the problems our state faces.
The typical elected officials of the past have promised to fix our problems time and time again. These same bureaucrats have failed over and over to deliver on their promises. Voters in Georgia Senate District 22 have a unique opportunity to move Georgia in a positive direction. Taylor Bryant is a concerned citizen watchdog for the people. He is not a bureaucrat. Taylor is the only candidate who seeks to reduce the size of government, lower taxes, and promote a free market based economy. His agenda to respect individual rights and support personal responsibility is definitely the type of leadership you should send to Atlanta. I know Taylor as a friend and colleague.
He has impressed me with his sincerity and commitment to his family and community. These are the reasons why I am endorsing Taylor Bryant for Georgia Senator in District 22. Voters of Senate District 22 can send a clear message to Atlanta and around the state that the politics of the past are over. By electing Taylor Bryant on Tuesday November 5, 2010, you will show that Augusta is ready to lead Georgia in a new direction.

John Monds
Candidate, Governor of Georgia

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