Monday, December 21, 2009

Holy Crap, democrat Hardie Davis still hasn't paid his State Ethics Commission Fines!

Get this Kids,

Candidate Hardie Davis, one of three democrats who are running in the special election in State Senate District 22 owes the State Ethics Commission $100 for filing two financial disclosure reports late. One from 2008 that he owes a whopping $75 on and one from 2009 that's only up to $25.

What kind of mindset is that? Do the voters of District 22 get to pick and choose which state fines they'll pay or ignore? What happens if you get a parking ticket and you just don't pay? You get a bench warrant issued and the next time you run afoul of John Law, it's off to the pokey. Evidently, the State Ethics Commission isn't swinging a big enough stick because Hardie Davis has lots of company in the "fail to pay late fee" list over at the state capitol. Maybe that should be epic fail.

But ask yourself, if you were planning to run for higher office, wouldn't you take care of the ash and trash from your last office? Doesn't that seem like a common sense thing to do? Has Hardie Davis got common sense?

So I got to digging around some more and finally wound up looking at the reports that Hardie did file. And they are pretty damn pedestrian. It looks like it takes about $20,000 dollars a cycle to keep an unopposed seat at the Georgia State House. If it wasn't for the democrat primary, Hardie could have coasted! Damn those primaries!

Well he's not in an unopposed race now. He's got Libertarian Taylor Bryant breathing down his neck speaking the glorious words of Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom, democrat candidate Harold Jones horning in on his airtime and asking why he voted for the Great Georgia Power Give Away (GGPGA) and democrat candidate Sandra Cannon Scott is singing. Not a bad voice, she's no Susan Boyle mind you, but not a bad voice.

And so what should the neglected voters of State Senate District 22 do about this? You know who you are, you hang up there in city council district 3 and 7 and down there in council district 8. Which one of these four candidates might possibly share your fiscal concerns? Which one of these candidates might share your social concerns? Which one of these candidates might go to work for the District and actually get something done?

Libertarian Taylor Bryant, that's who.

So get out there and vote. Vote early, vote on election day, vote by absentee ballot, just vote. And have the kids draw up a yard sign or two like the ones we all saw at the Tea Parties this spring and summer. Politics can be fun for the whole family!

Vote for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom! Vote for Libertarian Taylor Bryant for Senate!

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