Sunday, December 20, 2009

More Special Election fun over at the Augusta Chronicle!

Hey Kids,

The cats out of the bag on the predicted low turn out for Augusta's Special Election for the Georgia State Senate District 22 race. The mighty, mighty Augusta Chronicle has predicted an abysmal turn out for this election due to conflict with the holiday season and a particularly grueling run off held at the first of the month for some city council races. Our guy, Libertarian Taylor Bryant, got a good solid quote in the article and the reporter did an outstanding unbiased job detailing each candidates particulars.

It also reported that Candidate Harold Jones has upped the ante and is running radio ads in addition to a regular yard sign campaign. Both he and Hardie Davis have sent out a Christmas card mailer to the denizens and citizens of the 22nd, and the Singing Democrat Sandra Suett Cannon Scott has a freakin' Billboard! Our guy is getting out gunned and we need to do something about it!

If you know any one in Augusta, call 'em, email 'em, tweet 'em, send 'em a postcard, make sure they know that Libertarian Taylor Bryant is the cat to vote for. If you live in Augusta, make up a yard sign and put it in your front yard to show your support. And most important contact Taylor's crew and see if they have any thing you can help them with.

So head over to the article by clicking on the title of this post and get your two cents in!
Here's a copy of what I had to say.

Greetings All,

Nice article Mr. Edwards, it is the most complete profile I've read on this oh so interesting race so far. I think that some additional information might be of interest to the voters of District 22 as they sort out who they want to represent them in the next session at the capitol.

In the 2008 election Senator Tarver wiped the floor with republican John Butler, taking 80% of the ballots cast to the republican's 20%, but in light of the predicted low turn out, the percentages are not as interesting as the numbers. Mr. Butler received 11,000 votes in that contest. 11,000 votes. Additionally, Libertarian John Monds received 26,000 votes in Richmond County in 2008 while running for the PSC southern district seat. That indicates that District 22 has a diversity of political opinion that has been historically under served.

This special election is very special in that provides an opportunity for the neglected voters of District 22 to raise their voices and cast their ballots for change. Vote for Smaller Government, Lower Taxes and More Freedom! Vote for Libertarian Taylor Bryant for State Senate!

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