Monday, December 21, 2009

Head over to Equal Ballot Access for All and Join the Fun!

Damn those FaceBook character limits,

I got an email from Equal Ballot access for all and thought I'd drop by and point out that we have an equal access election running in Augusta but ran into the long winded wall once more. I have got to get more pithy.

It's a great group inhabited by all sorts of non linear malcontents like myself. Join up and join in the fun!

Here's my long winded post that exceeded the character limit.

Greetings All,

There is one type of election in the great state of Georgia that requires no petitioning. Special elections. There is currently one special election in process for State Senate District 22 in Augusta and it features Libertarian Taylor Bryant, democrat Hardie Davis, democrat Harold Jones and democrat Sandra Cannon Scott.

Because special elections are off cycle and only occur when something drastic happens, the petition requirement is waived. That means anyone who has resided in the affected district for at least a year, is over the age of 25 and can pony up the $400 filing fee is on the ballot. The kind of access that should be the norm, not special.

And there are gonna be two more special elections here in Georgia by March 2010 or so, State Senate District 42 in Decatur and State House District 19. These races are open to anyone who meets the requirements. If any members of this group reside in those areas, think about running. And while you're thinking about running, visit Libertarian Taylor Bryant's website and do what you can to help the man out

15 days until the election.

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