Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Karen's pulling a Palin!

Big News Kids,

Ex- Sec State Karen Handel has thrown in the towel and quit her sweet gig over there at the capitol to spend the next few months begging for money to buy her way into the Governorship. We have mixed reactions to that over here at Bludgeon & Skewer, glad to see her head off into oblivion, sorry to have to start all over on the electronic petitioning issue. What the hell, who ever gets the gig might have time to read title 10 and title 21 of the official code of Georgia and realize that electronic petitioning can be implemented by the Sec State on his or her own authority.

I've left some bread crumbs over at Fresh Loaf and managed to get in a mention about our guy Taylor Bryant. Head over and join the fun!

December 22nd, 2009 at 4:30 pm
Jeeze Louise,

It’s sheer pandemonium over here at the secret underground Libertarian Command Center (LCC) on the news that Sec State Handle is quitting her office to focus on her run for the republican nomination for Governor. We were hoping that she might read title 10 and title 21 of the OCGA over the holidays and finally see the light on electronic petitioning. We even had the third certified letter all addressed and everything! Now we have to start all over with what ever Nimrod Sonny appoints to finish out her term.

Life is not fair and we’ll have to content ourselves with helping Libertarian Taylor Bryant in his bid to win Augusta’s special election for State Senate District 22. It’s the only real race in Georgia at the moment and will be first election of the 2010 cycle. Once we get done with that it’s back to pounding on the Sec States door about equal ballot access for all Georgians.
We just hope that who ever gets the gig can read.

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