Thursday, July 9, 2009

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Thanks for the history lesson Mr. Lutts. It will provide us all with more grist for the mill as we continue the push for a larger and more effective Libertarian Party. Over here at Bludgeon & Skewer, we agree that the most pressing problem facing Libertarians today is ballot access.

The Georgia LP is recognized as a “political body” in Georgia and is able to run candidates for statewide office (Governor, AG, Sec State, US Senate etc.) without petitioning. A considerable advantage as compared with other states in the union, and yet if we find and run candidates for State House, State Senate or the US House of Representatives, those candidates have to petition. And Georgia has one of the most draconian petitioning requirements in the US.

Faced with this obstacle, elements of the Georgia LP are working on multiple fronts to amend, rescind or remove the 1943 “Jim Crow” legislation that put the onerous petition reqiurement into law. Our efforts may yield fruit in time for the 2010 cycle in Georgia and if it does, we will need about 140 Libertarians to run in races that only have unchallenged incumbents. And funding to support them.

In 2008 in Georgia, 62 democrats were unchallenged as well as 82 republicans. The success of the campaign by John Monds for the Public Service Commission indicates what can happen when Libertarians run against unopposed encumbents in Georgia. Mr Monds recieved over 1 million votes, the highest total ever recorded by a Libertarian in a state wide race. That kind of performance can be duplicated by other Libertarians in Georgia in 2010. And John Monds will be our candidate in 2010, we hope he can break the 20% vote barrier as well as cause a run off for the Governorship

Keep up the good fight and continue to crank out thought provoking work Mr. Lutts, I’ve added you to my blogroll and will stop by now that I know you’re here.

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