Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Current Market Price for the Governorship of Georgia! 8 JUL 09

Hi Kids,

Well the fundraising numbers are in for the all the guys and gals running for the office of Governor here in Georgia. We've tallied up the the republicans and democrats and are pleased to present the numbers below, no reason to break them out by candidates, we're just gonna lump them all together and see who's got the biggest total. Please note that these numbers represent the cash on hand (bottom line) from the state Ethics Commission website, if you want to go dig around here's the link:

Republicans: $3,398,636

Democrats: $1,186,381

Libertarian: $2,675

King Roy didn't have anything to report by the 30 JUN 09 filing date, so that makes him the loss leader on the democrat side of the house. Thurbert Bakers numbers look pretty damn good until you start looking around at where his money came from. And Poythress and Porter have a lot more money on hand that John Monds. Too bad they won't be on the ballot next year because John Monds will be.

On the republican side, Nathan Deal is predictably ahead. Just like we predicted over at the Bludgeon & Skewer website way back in June. The Ox is in second place even after having to give the 120K back to his insurance buddy, Johnson is third and Sec State Handel is a distant fourth.

We still stand by our assessment that Georgians will have to pick between Deal, Barnes and Monds next November. Strike a blow for liberty and Vote John Monds! You will get an opportunity to vote on it again!

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