Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Rest-O-Mod Daisy Rides Again!

Time to put up another effort by Rest-O-Mod Daisy. Today's feature is a Daisy Model 75 Scout made in Plymouth Michigan sometime before 1958.

This little gem was an outlier for my standard procedure of turning nasty, filthy, rusty, busted old Daisy's into objects of affection. This gun was pretty clean to start with. The plastic forestock was bowed but show me a 60 year old daisy that isn't. The butt stock was straight and the it shot hard enough to punch a hole in an aluminum can at 25 feet. Wonders never cease.

The trouble is I love messing with these Daisy's. So I restocked it in scrap fiddleback and had to configure the grip out of walnut. I'm happy with the result although it required some gap filling. I make no claim to being a Japanese craftsman although I can spell the word.

Slapped a Rest-O-Mod steel butt plate on with solid brass screws. I know it violates the dissimilar metals school of thought but, OK, so what?

I also imported the revolutionary reverse Schnabel fore end from my "Mares Leg" project I did a while back. When you're mounting the gun after the reload cycle your support hand will slide back to the bulge and stay put. Snap off the shot and repeat, it's wonderful way to build muscle memory.

The main drawback is that this little guy has a factory length stock. That makes it a chin gun for me but for 6 year old, it's pretty damn manly.

There you have it, another Rest-O-Mod Daisy in living color

They are the coolest stuff ever.

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