Thursday, February 8, 2018

Custom Daisy's

As far as I can tell, these custom Daisy model 99's, 98, 96 and 95's are unique on planet earth.

It's amazing the kind of transformation you can achieve with a propane torch and some wittlin' time on salvaged Fiddleback Maple. These old daisy wide frames are an absolute pleasure to shoot now that they fit like custom guns ought to and have enough weight to make the firing cycle pretty effortless. There's nothing like dumping 500+ bb's down the loading hatch and shooting these guns dry. Takes a while.

They're all yard sale survivors and I wish I'd taken more before and after shots but here's the few I have.

And here's one before fire bluing the receiver on a Model 25 parts gun that came with a shoe box but no stocks.

I started my first Red Ryder this week and should have some photo's after the week end.


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