Saturday, January 5, 2013

Stirrin' the Pot at the Times-Georgian!

The election happens Tuesday.

According to the redoubtable Times-Georgian way over in Carroll County, early voting for the special election for State Senate District 30 hasn't even hit 1%.


I suppose we're all kinda burned out from last years disastrous November elections and what with the holidays and all folks just got other stuff to do. Well the holidays are done and every Libertarian in Georgia should spend a moment or two and post their opinion to the article published today by Winston Jones on the state of the race. I decided to lead off with the comment below:

Bully for Libertarian James Camp!

The differences in participation rates between the 6 NOV 12 general election and the results of the republican run off are staggering. Going from a 70% general election participation rate to a 6.9% run off participation rate really helps illustrate how valuable a vote becomes in the rare and exotic land of run offs. A vote on 8 JAN 2013 is worth 10 votes from 6 NOV 2012. A great return for tapping a touch screen.

If you're one of the 19,000 Douglas county citizens,  the 10,000 Carroll county citizens or one of the 15,000 Paulding county citizens that voted for either Libertarian Brad Ploeger or Libertarian David Staples for PSC last November then you really should consider hitting the polls and voting for Libertarian James Camp in the special election. Not all of those guys and gals will get to vote in this special election, but if only 3.5% of them take the time and make the effort, that spells victory for James Camp.

Deny the Georgia republican party a super-majority at the Gold Dome. Cast your ballot for liberty! Vote for Libertarian James Camp!

The article currently has 302 views and my solo comment waiting for approval. Consider that this election has received great coverage in the district but virtually none elsewhere. Your participation can help James Camp win an unprecedented victory out there in Senate District 30 and put the kibosh on the Georgia republican party's dreams of a super-majority.

So tag in and state your case in support of James Camp. Better yet, if you live in the district or know somebody that does, get yourself and your buddies to the polls on Tuesday and.....


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  1. Looking at the November election results for the precincts that make up senate district 30, we see the following vote totals for the Libertarian Party candidates:
    Mr. Staples 15,820
    Mr. Ploeger 3,474
    Gov. Johnson 943