Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holy Crap! Libertarian Jeff Bivins Qualifies for the Special Election for Georgia State Senate District 11!

I do believe this is the busiest post election December in Georgia history.

Thanks to Libertarian Jeff Bivins pictured here with Libertarian stalwart, John Monds.

First there's the special election over in Georgia State Senate District 30 with Libertarian James Camp carrying the banner of Liberty. Now we have Libertarian Jeff Bivins jumping into the special election for Georgia Senate District 11 way down south near the Florida/Ala-damn-bama line.

All of this activity has been prompted by an unusual flurry of republican discontent and/or medical/family issues that have caused three duly elected republican office holders to bail out of the legislature. Two of 'em are headed towards greener full time employment pastures in state government courtesy of Governor Deal.

The end result is that the Libertarian Party of Georgia has two candidates qualified and running for State Senate seats in the affected districts. I also note that the other part of our fair states two party duopoly that has unrestricted ballot access, you know, the democrats, have failed to find anybody willing to run in either district 11 or district 30. Shouldn't they lose their "real political party" card over that?

There's still one day left in the qualifying process so there may be a surprise or two tomorrow but I kinda doubt it. The big news of the day is that the Libertarian Party of Georgia has two, count 'em, two State Senate candidates running for office.

That's good news for Liberty!

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