Saturday, November 3, 2012

Survey Says: Expect a Run Off in Georgia PSC District 3

If I read it on the internets, it has to be true.

Finally, some news you can use as the only public survey/poll to be conducted in the PSC District 3 race is published over at Better Georgia. The Big Big News?

Libertarian Brad Ploeger is going to cause a run off. No clean win for  sitting Incumbent Chuck Eaton, no clean win for Democrat challenger Steve Oppenheimer. Chuckles galore for us Libertarians.

It gets better kids, Commissioner Eaton has done run outta cash unless his pals over at Georgia Power can funnel some more moola into his campaign. Steve Oppenheimer is sitting a little better but not by enough to make another 30 days of campaigning a pleasant task.

Here's the relevant info from the Better Georgia Poll:

39 Certain for Steve Oppenheimer, the Democrat

44 Certain for Chuck Eaton, the Republican

6 Certain for Brad Ploeger, the Libertarian

11 Not Certain

41 Total for Oppenheimer, including Leaners

47 Total for Eaton, including Leaners

7 Total for Ploeger, including Leaners

5 Completely Undecided

-6 Democratic - Republican margin

Hmmm, I wonder which candidate Brad might endorse?

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