Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Third Party Throwdown: Lift Off in T-Minus 97 Minutes

It's finally freakin' done.

This election cycle  is kaput. The ballots have been cast and will soon be tabulated by the central tabulator and the results made public. What will the evening bring?

According to Madame Zelda (noted Decatur Psychic, Palm Reader and Diviner of the Future) Libertarian Brad Ploeger will indeed cause a run off in the PSC District 3 race. Republican Incumbent Chuck Eaton will continue to scowl.  No predictions where available for District 5 as on hand cash was insufficient for an second forecast.

Brad will be joining us tonight at the DeKalb LP's election night celebration so stop by and join us as we cheer his efforts as one of the LP's Citizen Politicians fighting the good fight and ensuring Libertarian concepts and ideals get into the political mix here in Georgia.

Brad is not the only LP luminary scheduled to speak tonight so stick around for commentary from Dr Don Prinz, Chair of the Mighty, Mighty DeKalb LP, Doug Harmon, Chair of the State LP and potentially a flurry of other champions of Liberty.

The gig starts swinging at 7:30P at the Famous Pub in the fabulous Toco Hills Shopping Center. Absolutely free and abundant well lit parking, huge stocks of adult beverages on tap on in the bottle and the best Tater Tots in town.

And a room full of sovereign individuals that really are planning to take over the government, and leave you the hell alone.

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