Thursday, October 25, 2012

Third Party Throwdown November 6 at the Famous Pub

Yes, it's true. 

The Dekalb LP has one more shindig up it's sleeves as this election cycle grinds to a close. If you're not a fan of stuffy republican victory laps and not particularly attracted to to the prospect of hanging around in a room full of disappointed democrats you might consider DeKalb LP's "Third Party Throwdown" on election night. Since we've got twice as many statewide candidates running this cycle as the Georgia Democrat Party, we've got twice as many opportunities to make waves and influence public debate. And there's an outside shot that we might win one of our races!

Seen the light about Gary Johnson? So have we!

Ron Paul Supporter? Come on down, we love Dr Paul.

Jill Stein Supporter? Come on down but don't hand us any crap that she beat Gary Johnson in the debate.

Virgil Goode is your guy? Come on down, We want to meet you.

Rocky Anderson your pick? What's not to like about a guy named Rocky?

Discussion and admission are free. Since this is a TANSTAAFL type affair, you're in charge of your own drinks and noshibles from the huge variety available at the Famous Pub.

Plenty o' parking, conveniently located and world away from the politics of the two party duopoly!

Third Party Throwdown!

Be There!

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