Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gary Johnson Video: Cast a Vote for Peace

I know it's repetitive, but Gary Johnson's stuff just keeps getting better and better.

So here's the dealio, we ALL know that Mittens is gonna win here in Georgia and I suspect a Reaganesque Landslide will sweep him to victory nationwide. So consider this for a minute, if you're a third party type and are marooned along with the rest us of non-conformist, sovereign citizens with no hope for political representation from either the republicans or democrats, you might just want to participate in an experiment for Liberty.

You can do that by casting your vote for Gary Johnson for President here in Georgia. There's magic in the land and that magic is best expressed by Gary Johnson rackin' up as many votes as is possible. 785,000 votes has a nice ring to it.

That's about 20% of the voting population here in the Peach State and that is a magic number.

20% or bust!

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