Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Republican Stan Wise isn't the Only PSC Commissoner Ducking Debates

Republican Chuck Eaton ducks pretty well too.

The Libertarian Party of DeKalb County District 3 PSC debate happens next Tuesday on the 9th of October and still no communication from his campaign.  The citizens and denizens of District 3 will be able to hear from the other candidates in the race, Libertarian Brad Ploeger and Democrat Steve Oppenheimer. They think enough of the people they're seeking to represent to actually show up in a public venue and answer questions and such.

It is interesting that Chuck will appear at the Atlanta Press Club debates later this month, but hey there's a world of difference between a 30 minute televised debate in a studio with shiny lights and make up and stuff and stepping up to the mike and holding your own at a Libertarian sponsored debate.

As there's still 6 days left, maybe the Chuckster will see the error of his ways and decide to participate. We'd love to have him there along with Brad and Steve to provide all three viewpoints on the state of affairs down to the Public Service Commission.

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