Monday, September 17, 2012

Project 785 Update!

Bummer Dude.

It appears that my constitutional understanding of the Official Code of Georgia is somewhat flawed as pertains to the cellular activities of Project 785. At a recent non-meeting of my fellow Libertarians it was pointed out that the code section in question does not allow the Libertarian Party of Georgia to attain full fledged political party status if our Presidential Candidate, Gary Johnson, gets 20% of the votes here in Georgia. He has to get 20% of the votes in the whole freakin' country.

Like I said, Bummer Dude.

This makes the scale of the project rather untenable. Not that it was very tenable at the state level to start with but there is a significant difference between working for something at the state level and trying it out nationally. Or internationally or even Galactically.

Still, I do like the idea of proposing a goal for Gary Johnson here in Georgia and that goal is still 785,000 votes. Using some new math I think it could happen but it'll need the support of 228,000 less than gruntled republicans, 228,000 disappointed democrats, 228,000 irate independents and Georgia's hardcore, undefeated, undismayed 101,000 Libertarians. That should put Gary right at 785K.

Project 785.

20% or Bust!

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