Friday, September 7, 2012

Libertarian Brad Ploeger's Definition of "Money Pit"

Cost over runs of $400 Million already? So it ain't so!

You're right. It ain't, looks more like $900 million but don't fret, Georgia Power plans to have you pay for it and is guaranteed an 11% profit off the top. All they gotta do tell boys down to the PSC to approve it.

They will.

Unless Georgians wake up and install a new member on the Public Service Commission. I recommend a guy named Brad Ploeger. Brad is the Libertarian Party of Georgia's candidate for PSC District three and is running against a lightly entrenched republican incumbent, one each Chuck Eaton. Like the rest of the sitting members of the PSC, Chuck is guy that can't say no. He just can't say no.

Considering the projected tab for you and me and our grand kids for this new reactor is 14 Trillion Dollars I suppose we shouldn't get to worked up over a measly $900 million. That's not even a Billion dollars and no where close to Gazillion bucks.

Brad gets worked up over it though. And Brad can say no. Loudly if required.

Vote for Libertarian Brad Ploeger for PSC District 3!

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