Friday, September 7, 2012

Holy Crap! There's a Libertarian Running in the Special Election for Georgia Senate District 30!

Meet James Camp.

He's decided to carry the banner of Liberty in the recently announced special election for Georgia State Senate district 30 caused by yet another sitting senator getting a much better gig courtesy of the good ol' boy network down to the capital.

The best info out there on this complication to the fall cycle can be read over at the Times-Georgian, an honest to god newspaper with reporters and everything.

There's 6 candidates running for this lucrative senate seat and the biggest horse at the gate is none other that Ex-Speaker of the Georgia House Glenn "I spent the $280,000 in my PAC on gas money" Richardson who evidently wants back in the game. Since it's a special election, all he's got to do is pony up the $400 filing fee and take a crack at it. Republican party apparatchiks be damned!

The good news is that James Camp will be on the ballot too. He's run for office before as a Libertarian and was even bold enough to put the LP logo in a place of honor at the top right corner of that campaigns web site.  Did I mention that he's one of the six founders of Georgia Carry? That's right, James packs.

So it's obvious what all you Libertarians out there in Douglas, Paulding and Carroll county need to do. First head over to Jame's Facebook page and get on board. Then see what needs doing and get it done!

Vote for Libertarian James Camp for Georgia Senate District 30!

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  1. I first met James several years ago. He is the most easy going, easy to talk with, individual I think I have ever met.