Monday, July 2, 2012

Project 785 Targeting Map

Yup, you guessed it. 

Project 785 will concentrate it's efforts in DeKalb, Fulton, Cobb and Gwinnett Counties. That's where the votes are. With an operating budget of zero, nada, nuthin', our loose confederation of Libertarian activists, thoroughly disgruntled Paulista's, kicked out of the house Blue/Yellow Dog democrats and nose holding borderline republicans will challenge Georgia's Jim Crow Ballot Access laws the old fashioned way. With votes.

Project 785 needs quite few. 785,000+ to be approximate, 20% +1 of the total cast to be exact. And just any old vote won't do, it has to be a vote for President. That means you have to vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson since the ballot access code is very specific about that. You should go ahead and vote for the two LP candidates for PSC but that won't change the political body status of the Georgia LP, only a vote for Gary Johnson can do that.

Since Project 785 is a cellular organization it does not require any of your money. Don't expect any rallies, don't expect any meetings, don't expect anybody asking for a donation for a yard sign. Ain't gonna happen.  If you choose to get involved, inform your compadres of your decision and invite them aboard. Or go totally cellular and keep your intentions to yourself. 

If you think that the idea of open ballot access has merit and you operate an old fashioned blog like this or run a Facebook page with occasional political entries, feel free to repost. The very idea of asking republicans  or democrats to vote for the Libertarian candidate will spark lengthy comment trails. Just ask Layfayette Underground.

Drop back by as I'll be working this project up to election day. If you want to write about it, just fire up the comments section, please note profanity is discouraged at Bludgeon & Skewer.

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