Thursday, July 19, 2012

Map O' LibertyLand, circa 7 NOV 12

Remember, in a world if infinite possibilities, this is one of them.

The hard working guys and gals over at the Gary Johnson Grassroots Blog have come up with this nifty graphic based on the polling results from the iSideWith app that's been floating around Facebook for  a while. I took it and hit 93% aligned with GJ on the quiz questions.

Imagine the warm fuzzy glow that would sweep the nation if Libertarian Gary Johnson actually won. Then imagine all the messy clean up from the resultant left and right wing statist head explosions. All in all, it would be worth it.

So Georgians, join us Libertarians and make Project 785 a reality. That's 785,000 votes for Gary Johnson in November here in the Peach State. That's 20% of the expected votes votes cast, it's improbable, but it is doable.

20% or bust!

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