Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Gizmo of the Week

Nerf custom Chain Gun?

You betcha!

Every now and then whilst cruising around the internets you'll come across some really cool stuff. Like this custom modded Nerf  Vulcan EBF 25 from the fine folks over at Mana Energy. It features a stunning 500 rounds per minute rate of fire with an LED round counter just like all the first person shooter games.

The last time I fired anything on a tripod or ring mount that was belt fed was way way back in 1982 at Benning's school for boys down Columbus way. I must admit a certain fondness for mechanical devices that produce deafening thuds at the users end and spectacular results at the distant end.

This particular foam dart monster won't get it all done, but with the ornery nature of the guys and gals down to the local ATF office, it's gonna have to do. The readership is encouraged to visit the link above and get the inside skinny on building one of these quite politically incorrect toys.

Get started now and you might have it built by Christmas!

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