Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What! No Government Issued Million Dollar Bus for the Libertarian Candidate!?

Consider the trinkets of power that accompany the two party duopoly. 

Both our republican and democrat brothers and sisters will have armored buses at their disposal in the post primary season to protect them whilst on the campaign trail. A sage move as there is much to fear from the general population here in the good ol' US of A, and high value targets like presidential candidates require the utmost the republic can give. It's not like the democrats or republicans are spending their own money to protect their respective offerings for the highest post in the land for the next four years. They're using our money. So it's free!

As a rogue Libertarian, it chagrins me that once again my minuscule party has been snubbed and that no secret service provided armored bus will be available to transport our candidate on the highways and byways of our tottering republic. As a remedy, I suggest that each Libertarian state party acquire their very own Libertarian Presidential Bus for next years festivities and am pleased to offer the following examples:

Chopped, slammed and chicks dig blowers.
Spacious enough for the Libertarian Candidate and entire staff.
 Heinlein loves it!



    # 5 Don Lake, FYI, not necessarily a unilateral endorsement // Aug 16, 2011:

    “Why are you bothering me with this stuff?? Cody does NOT represent the IAP of Nevada, he has NO authority to speak for us."

    [Lake: this response is written by his family, church parishioners, and political partisans ...............]

    donlake@ymail.com, 619.420.0209

    [Lake: and yet he supposedly is a Nevada county / regional organization, and --------- by formal association ?????????]

    I have tried to get Cody to behave, [Lake: as have I, as early as 2004!]

    but he does have free speech rights.

    [AS DO I, and my parents, whom ARE NOT PUBLIC FIGURES, and I will not allow unethical abuse to be heaped on in silence.]

    If you do not like what he writes, don’t read it.

    [Lake: Dear Doctor Einstein, how will I know how (or if) untrue or abusive his comments are if I do not read ????????? He also constantly brings up Silver State legal organizations as a possible punishment for anti Cody and anti Nevada IAP opinions! Again, we are to acquiesce by our silence ??????????? You do know that Janine Hansen, Cody's biological aunt, called California up on occasion ............]

    You cause him to continue on his rants.

    [Ah, blame the victim .......... just like the Ds and Rs. Proud, so proud!]

    Do NOT bother me again

    [Lake: you are not involved in PUBLIC emdevors. Should I not criticize or contact the Rs and Ds ???????????]

    and let our other alone!!

    [other Earth, other reality, other IAPs in other states, huh ?????????????]

    John Wagner, State Chairman, Independent American Party of Nevada [Cody's birth Uncle]

    [gee, where DOES Cody get his attitude ?????????]

    —- Original Message —–

  2. OK,

    There has to be a lengthy backstory here. Does this Lake fellow have a bus perchance?