Monday, March 21, 2011

A Blast from the Past, circa 2009

You gotta love posters!

Here's one from way back when in 2009 when the spirit of Libertarian adventurism was strong in my heart and quite light on my wallet. I've seen a rash of "Old Boss, New Boss" quotes out there in FaceBookLand and thought I'd toss this out as a quick and dirty post to get back in the habit of cluttering up the blog-o-sphere once more.

I've read of late that blogging is now considered a defunct method of communication and that FaceBookLand and Twitter are the way to go, at least until next month when some new sort of commo system springs up in 4G HandsetLand and dooms Twitter to the dustbin of history. I'm quite confident that I'll miss the boat on the newest developments just like I failed to adapt well to FaceBook and never even looked into issuing "Tweets". Every time I see the word "Tweet" an image of Tweety Bird appears floating magically in the air and since that particular cartoon is on my top ten list of crap from Warner Brothers, I avoid it like the plague.

That's one of the problem's associated with being in the 50 something age group, there's lots of ash and trash scattered around the old brain pan from 5+ decades of existence here on Planet Earth. "New" stuff is constantly making links with the old stuff in my cranium and the result is some rather unpalatable combos. It's the curse of being on the cusp of the transition from the analog age of yore and todays 15 second digital world. So I'll stick with the archaic blog format for the present and once I achieve apprentice level skills with the redoubtable flipcam and related editing suites I may transition to that format as it does not involve spell check.

Old Boss, New Boss, Same Same, Higher, Higher, Baby!

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