Friday, January 7, 2011

Libertarian David Shock is back in the News

Ballot Access, baby, Ballot access.

Atlanta Progressive News has an in depth interview with Libertarian David Shock about his role in SecState Kemp's new Elections Advisory Council. Reporter Matthew Cardinale provides extensive quotes from Prof. Shock on the sorry state of ballot access in Georgia and his hopes for the Council's work to be a success.

Regular readers are well aware that ballot access has been a driving force in Libertarian politics in Georgia for quite a while. In spite of our efforts, Georgia's Jim Crow era ballot access laws continue to stifle competition in political matters by very effectively reserving the political battlespace for democrats and republicans only. All other interested parties are required to jump through the arduous hoops of petitioning to acquire a spot on the ballot and the hoops are usually set on fire.

I'm looking forward to attending one of the Council's public sessions and seeing what the public at large thinks of the state of ballot access here in Georgia. With Prof Shock on the panel, you can rest assured your input will be heard.

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