Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's Official, The Shane Bruce for Insurance Commissioner Campaign is Terminated

It was a blast.

I've filed my final report with the guys and gals down to the State Ethics Commission and am now done with my brief political career as a Libertarian Candidate for office here in Georgia. My once mighty campaign coffers are depleted, no vendors or contractors or consultants were left hangin' in the breeze and I'm out a couple of bucks in the end. Overall, I feel pretty good about it.

The Libertarian Party will get back the bulk of the filing fees it put up for all our candidates last year and as a result should have some maneuvering power for the year ahead as it continues to grow the party base in Georgia. Money is the mothers milk of politics and as my personal experiment in democracy so aptly shows, no amount good intentions hold up in the face of well funded opponents.

Not to say that a determined individual cannot succeed in politics without cash, I just can't imagine it happening in todays political environment. The future is a nebulous place and so it may actually happen one day, just not today. 

If you're Liberty minded and you really don't like the idea of 26% of the registered voters in Georgia calling the tune for the rest of us, perhaps you should look at your options and consider the Libertarian Party. The $25 a year for a state membership is a bit steep compared to the freebies offered by our democrat and republican brothers and sisters but just remember that you get what you pay for. And we don't ask you to sign any loyalty oaths to our party, just not to initiate force to achieve political goals. To me, that's pretty solid.

I want to take this space to say thank you to each of the 96,000 Georgians that cast their ballots for me last year. I'm continually running into folks that did that and it's nice to hear that some of my message resonated with citizens of all stripes. it's also a shame that we live in a state that robs those same people of their voice by our stubborn adherence to the current two party, winner take all system. We Libertarians earned an average of 4% of the vote last cycle and should have 4% of the statehouse and senate instead of a big fat goose egg. But I digress.

Later on I'll do a post on my erstwhile opponents termination reports just for kicks, right now the snow is falling here in Decatur and I have some sledding to do in a little while.

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