Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stirrin' the Pot at the Savannah Morning News

Maximum Freedom. Minimum Government Baby!

Larry Peterson way down at the Savannah Morning News has an interesting article up wherein he clucks over the nearly dangerous Libertarian party and it's effects or lack of them on Georgia politics. Since it's Sunday and I have the day off, I thought I'd weigh in on his observations with a few of my own.

The readership is encouraged to participate.

Additionally, the roughly 15,000 citizens of DeKalb County that voted for our Libertarian slate on Nov 2nd is encouraged to head back to the polls for the run off and vote for Micheal Rothenberg for DeKalb Superior Court Judge. Mike is a solid guy and I'm gonna go vote for him again!

Here are the breadcrumbs I left at SMN:

Greetings All,

A polite thank you to Mr. Peterson for livening up an otherwise rather  dull Sunday with a article about the Libertarian Party of Georgia's performance in the last election. I take exception to some of his overgeneralized statements about what Libertarians really want, i.e., Smaller government, Lower Taxes and more freedom. Let me assure you that that is exactly what we want. Most Libertarians are also cognizant of the fact that these things are not achievable without a corresponding increase in personal responsibility. I don't think we Libertarians have failed to mention that, but the media certainly has omitted that component when presenting their perceptions of our parties platform and our candidates. To assume that all Libertarians are not interested in reducing the size and scope of federal law as pertains to gambling, drugs, prostitution or any other prohibited activity is just plain wrong. We truly believe that these are matters for the individual to decide on, and once decided, the individual must bear the responsibility for either good outcomes or bad outcomes. No citizen has any rights to the labor or property of another citizen, and our government has no rights at all. 

Mr. Peterson is correct that we Libertarians will hang in there, we are not summer soldiers who turn tail at the first frost. We do believe that the United States of America is the greatest nation ever bourne on planet Earth and that our greatness is only in the beginning stages. We seek to remove the heavy chains of taxation and regulation that have strangled our people for decades, we wish to breathe the vitality of Liberty upon this land once more and watch in awe and splendor as individual Americans make their dreams come true. 

Sadly, these dreams will not come to pass until the other half of the electorate in America and Georgia wake up. Consider that less than half of registered voters in Georgia went to the polls this year and that all Georgians will have to live with their choices for the next 4 years. It could have been different, it should have been different and at some point in the future it will be different. We Libertarians believe in the future above all else and because of that we are dangerous Mr. Petersen, we are Libertarians.

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