Monday, November 15, 2010

15,000 Libertarians Might Show Up Tomorrow Night at the DeKalb LP's Monthly Meeting

Just Sayin'.

Georgia's premier LP affiliate, the DeKalb County Libertarian Party, will conduct it's monthly meeting tomorrow night at the Famous Pub in the Tocco Hills Shopping Plaza starting at 7:00PM. Scheduled guests include our very own Barbara Rickard who will present a talk entitled "Why Libertarians Oppose the War on Drugs".

If you're one of the 15,000 or so DeKalbians that voted for one or more Libertarian Candidates on 2 NOV 10, you really ought to come on down and meet the members of your county affiliate. There's always some skullduggery afoot as well as the freshest of fresh rumors of a political nature. Not to mention that the Famous Pub serves some absolutely killer Tater Tots!

See you there!

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