Thursday, October 21, 2010

Which Poll to Believe? Hmmmm.......There's a Poll in the Insurance Commissioner Race?!

It finally happened folks.

Landmark Communications released a poll today which included the dullest contest in Georgia, the Commissioner of Insurance race. Predictably, republican Ralph Hudgens is taking the lions share of the poll respondents votes leading me and democrat Mary Squires  by a comfortable enough margin to hang up the campaign shoes and wait for the 2nd. Looks like the Insurance/Pay Day Loan/Pharmacy Lobby in Georgia got it's wish.

In a masterpiece of work the guys and gals over at Landmark toiled endlessly, or at least the robo calling software did, to get 3,277 Georgians with land line phones to respond to a disembodied voice and press some buttons when prompted. I wonder who commissioned the poll since I know damn sure that I didn't. The coffers of the Friends of Shane Bruce campaign account just don't have that kind of juice.

So I think I'll stick with the Topix Online Poll for now. I'm beating the socks off Ralph in that one and Mary's hanging static in third place for the last three days. In the meantime I think I'll look into getting an endorsement from my good friend "Undecided" because he's gotten a lot of play here at Bludgeon & Skewer during the primaries and might see fit to issue guidance to his legion of followers.

Who do you support for the Commissioner of Insurance race ?
Mary Squires
Shane Bruce
Ralph T. Hudgens

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