Thursday, October 21, 2010

News Flash! Big Jim Galloway over to the AJC's Political Insider Needs Questions!

Galloway's Brain is Fried. 

Well that's what I heard, it's readership input time folks. Big Jim Galloway has issued the call for questions for this Sunday's round of Atlanta Press Club debates. The big, big news is that this is the first time that Libertarian Shane (4%) Bruce will be on stage with his esteemed opponents, republican Ralph "52%" Hudgens and democrat Mary "37%" Squires. So much for that run-off idea.

Since the erstwhile Mr. Galloway is having synaptic issues, the readership is encouraged to head over and provide the man with suitable. scintillating, serious questions for the oh so brief forum for the Insurance Commissioners race.

Recommended subject matter for republican Ralph "$1,000,000 bucks" Hudgens:

- Who cuts your hair?

- When you count your campaign contributions, are the Franklin's face up or face down?

- Have you ever met a lobbyist you didn't get a contribution from? 

Recommended subject matter for democrat Mary "$50K" Squires:

- Who cuts your hair?

- When you count your campaign contributions are the nickels stacked heads or tails?

- Do you want to meet some of Ralph's Lobbyist buddies?

Recommended subject matter for Libertarian Shane "$225" Bruce:

- How does it feel getting completely blown out of your first attempt at Public Office by the handpicked republican shill for Georgia's Insurance Industrial Complex?

- How many 12 packs of Bud Ice will the entire contents of your campaign warchest procure? Will you need more than one hand to transport it?

- How much for the Hawaiian shirt?

Please resist the temptation to cut and paste and formulate your own queries for this pivotal debate on public TV that's being broadcast at 6:00PM this Sunday. 

Time's a wastin'.

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