Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stirrin' the Pot at the AJC's Political Insider

The mandates thing just won't die.

Nothing like recycled news so I thought I'd recycle a post to celebrate. Here's a bit from todays Political Insider that mentions the Health Insurance Mandate kerfuffle from last week.

I know there's a couple of typos, but hey it's too late to retrieve it now:

Greetings All,
Nice to see a little more excitement in the dullest statewide race in Georgia, hopefully the next article we see will be about a topic the Commissioner of Insurance can influence directly as part of the duties of the office.
The big story in the insurance commissioner’s race from last week was democrat Mary Squires accusing republican Ralph Hudgens of trying to prevent every woman in Georgia from getting any access to any form of health care. You all remember the buzz last Monday after Mary’s press conference at the capitol the preceding Thursday and the the “unsourced” video that got a lot of play.
Now it’s back in the news cycle courtesy of the fine folks over at PolitiFact. They rate Mary’s political stunt as 1/2 true. Which half? In a fairly enlightening story the intrepid reporters at PolitiFact revealed that there is indeed an insurance Cabal at work down to the state house. It sure looks like the vaunted Womens Caucus is the organization responsible for inflicting the Health Insurance Mandate System on all Georgians. If they were able to handily defeat a senior senator who chaired the Senate Insurance Committee like Ralph Hudgens at every turn they must have some Mo-Jo. Or perhaps Ralph is a little deficient in the Mo-Jo department.
I also noticed that the intrepid reporters at PolitiFact suffer “Invisible Libertarian Syndrome” (ILS) because nobody got in touch with me to see what the Libertarian approach to the issue was. It’s not an uncommon malady as the staff at the AJC suffers periodic fits of it as well. Such is the life of a Libertarian party candidate.
Just to be clear, our 45 state mandates on health insurance totally fail the Libertarian Litmus Test (LLT). State mandates do not increase your freedom, they diminish freedom, state mandates to not lower costs, they increase costs, state mandates do not reduce the size and scope of government, they increase it.
I am totally opposed to our current mandate system and if elected I will use the bully pulpit of the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance to educate Georgian’s on just how bad they’re getting skinned. I think I’ll add our outrageous auto insurance rates and our glorious Insurance premium tax to the talking points 3×5 card. We’ll get to nightmare of ObamaCare at a later date.
Is there a principled, moral solution to our health insurance mandate problem? Certainly. Will Georgians have an opportunity to hear the discussion and have some input? Probably not. That’s the way it is in two party, winner take all system that allows the winning 25% of the electorate to dictate terms to remaining 75% of the population.
It is time for choice and time time for change. It’s time to vote Libertarian.

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