Thursday, October 28, 2010

Re-Run Time! From 8 SEPT 10, The Insurance Commissioner Race in Georgia is dead as a Doornail

Breaking News Folks.

I'm stuck in the dullest race in the state of Georgia this year. It seems that all of the oxygen is being sucked out by the ongoing snipery between Nathan "Stinky" Deal and good ol' King Roy with hardly a molecule to spare for those of us in the down ballot races.

I just concluded an exhaustive internet search of my two opponents and they have even less press to talk about than I do. Granted most of my stuff is self generated, but don't Ralph Hudgens and Mary Squires have websites and FaceBook pages and stuff? I'm assuming that Ralph has a staff of some description and Mary should have at least two people volunteering so I think it's time for them to get in the game and start saying something. Anything.

With that in mind, I'm issuing a challenge to my opponents. I double dog dare you to show up at the Famous Pub in the Toco Hills Shopping Center for the next DeKalb LP meeting and talk about the following items:

Georgia's unfunded High Risk Pool

The use of Credit Scores to determine Auto insurance rates

The hidden costs of Georgia's insurance premium tax

Just to let you know, the topic of accepting campaign donations from people who work in Georgia's insurance industries or small loan industries won't be discussed. There's nothing to discuss because it's just plain wrong. There's still time for the both of you to do the right thing and return those donations to their source or flip them to some worthy charity. If you keep that money you're just telling every citizen in Georgia that you're bought and paid for by the people you're supposed to be regulating.

I await your response.

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