Thursday, October 28, 2010

Re-Run Time! From 11 AUG 10, It's Settled, the Race for Insurance Commissioner is On!

Hot today, ain't it?

The race for Commissioner of Insurance is finally on. The players have been selected and we now all know who's on first. All of us have our responses up over at the League of Women Voters website and Ralph's got a very solid lead in the fundraising department. It was nice to see the fair Maria issue her statement and dutifully line up with all the other republicans behind their finalized ticket. I voted for her!

I guess I better spend some time and effort to look into Mary Squires as an opponent and see if I can predict where her and Ralph are gonna be at odds. I figure the high risk pool issue and insurance companies using credit scores to quote car insurance are certain flash points for those two. I know they're flash points for me.

I also think that the captive insurance exclusion from the premium tax is a solid issue for this campaign. Why are company owned insurance operations excluded from the hidden tax that every regular Joe in Georgia has to pay? If captive insurance companies don't have to shell out 4.5% in taxes, why do we have to? Since Ralph's been sitting on the Insurance Committee all these years, I figure he ought to know who wrote the bill that gave the captive insurance industry such sweet perk. I wonder if he voted for it?

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