Friday, October 29, 2010

Re-Run #3, Libertarian Shane Bruce Encounters Knee Knock Syndrome at His First Tea Party

OK, this video just did not work out.

Chuck Donovan and I showed up at the Gilmer County Tea Party at the predesignated time coordinates and discovered that since most of the other candidates had not shown up yet, we would have the singular honor of speaking first. Chuck disappeared and I found myself ascending the stage sans camera operator. I stuck the flipcam on a bench hoping to at least get audio of the event only to discover at the end of my time that it had fallen over.

This video was shot by Libertarian Candidate for Superintendent of Schools Kira Willis right after I spoke as I tried to remember my remarks. I did get footage of all of our candidates at that event and they're currently parked over at the Bludgeon & Skewer YouTube Channel. The readership is encouraged to view them, link to them, download them and send them around via email and such and of course it would be nice if you voted for us as well.

Here's the complimentary mention of my opponents republican Ralph Hudgens and democrat Mary Squires. 

And here's the flippy of Libertarian Candidate for Commissioner of Insurance Shane Bruce:

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