Sunday, October 31, 2010

Re-Run #18, #19 and #20, From 25 SEPT 10, Chili Cook Off, Baby, Chili Cook Off

One event, four videos.

The Stone Mountain Chili Cook Off was the first time Libertarians Chuck Donovan, Dan Barber and Shane Bruce co-campaigned. It was a fabulous day that got started before we even got in the gate. Tons of people, hundreds of competing styles of Chili and an eagerness to talk politics.

I looked around pretty throughly and did not see any other politicians in attendance. What, democrat Mary Squires and republican Ralph Hudgens don't like chili? That's just un-american.

Vote Libertarian on 2 NOV 10! Vote for Libertarians Shane Bruce, Chuck Donovan and Dan Barber!

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