Sunday, October 31, 2010

The GPB Debates are over, The Libertarian Video Tsunami Rolls On! From 29 SEPT 10, Libertarian Shane Bruce discusses the concept of Cancer Survivor Co Ops

Are cancer Co-Opts a viable solution?

There's at least one Georgia voter who wants to know. Make that two as I'd like to know as well. One of the few things my opponents agree on is that conventional health insurance cannot profit from cancer survivors. As a result they get consigned to the health care gulags under the oh so nice description of "pre-existing conditions" and get hung out to dry. Not very American.

I just heard that the state of Georgia cut our health insurance providers a $250 Million dollar tax break in the last session of the general assembly courtesy of tonights Governor's debate on GPB. Who's looking out for the needs of Georgia's citizens? Who's working on a ideas that might benefit the estimated 1 million Georgians who fall under the "pre-existing conditions" label.

As far as I can tell it ain't democrat Mary Squires or republican Ralph Hudgens.

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