Saturday, October 9, 2010

Obvious Question: Why would a republican Ralph Hudgens spend $670K to be Elected to a Political Office that Pays $120K ayear?

He's nearly a Million Dollar Candidate.

And by the end of this election cycle, I'm sure he'll break a million in campaign contributions and maybe a lot more if me or Mary Squires can somehow be painted as bogeymen to the republican base. I can't see how that could happen right now because I'm just talking about Liberty and Justice for all and Mary's wasting time trying to play the sex card.

Maybe she got a little fundraising bump from the drama and trauma from last Monday and Tuesday but I don't think she picked up a single vote that she didn't have already. I, on the other hand have received some message traffic about my rebuttal to Mary's allegations that Health Insurance Mandates are somehow OK that are personally encouraging to me. It's nice to know that people still read and consider things before firing off an email or a blog post.

But back to Ralph. He is a prodigious fundraiser. According to the State Ethics Commission website his campaign has stacked away $923,000 dollars in campaign contributions since he jumped into this race back in June. So what's his game plan? Is he looking to take a crack at a US House seat in 2012? He's already run for one of those three times and failed. US Senate aspirations in 2014? Maybe Governor? Who can say, I sure as hell can't. I just don't buy off on Mary's suggestions that he's looking to pad out his state retirement plan from serving as a Georgia Senator. Cripes, he's worth $8 million bucks already.

So why would he spend $670,000 dollars in this campaign just to beat Maria Sheffield in the republican primary? When you've eliminated reasonable motivations for behavior you're left with the obvious. The Office of the Commissioner of Insurance is a freakin' gold mine. John Oxendine managed to stack back $2 Million dollars in campaign donations for his failed attempt at the Governorship while he was there, maybe Ralph figures he can do better. Or the even more obvious explanation, Ralph is running because his insurance industry BFF's told him to, I do recall reading that somewhere during the primary.

So on November 2nd, you the voting public will have the opportunity to select your next Commissioner of Insurance. You could vote for republican Ralph "Who got da Money? He got da Money" Hudgens, you could vote for democrat Mary "Ralph's a #$%@&Y^!" Squires or you can cast your ballot for Libertarian Shane Bruce.

If you vote for me you know you voted for the guy the insurance industry couldn't buy, wouldn't buy didn't even try to buy. They don't even have my phone number, not that I would take their calls if they did. I  don't owe them a damn thing. 

Keep that in mind from now to the election. 

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