Saturday, October 9, 2010

Keep a Watch on the Sky Today in Athens

Today's the day.

The Athens LP has a special treat for Libertarian Candidate for Governor John Monds at today's UGA/Tennessee game. And a special treat for liberty for the estimated 110,000 fans and students and residents of Athens/Clarke county.

Watch the sky's for the mighty, mighty aerial banner that will be fluttering high in the above todays game activities. Any other political parties providing you with spectacle? Nope, just those stinking robo calls that interrupt dinner and those mass mailers that clutter up your mailbox and our landfills. 

Leave it to the Libertarians to give you something to talk about over the water cooler next Monday as well as a couple of interesting cut away shots for the TV production crew at the game. Can you say sideways earned media? Sure you can.

Vote for Liberty on 2 NOV 10. Vote for Libertarian John Monds and the rest of the Libertarian ticket!

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