Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hey, Hey, Hey An Online Insurance Jargon Translator is up and running over at CIGNA

Courtesy of Carrie Teegardin over to the AJC.

Cigna Insurance has installed a Insurance jargon translator on their website to help folks understand some of the legal mumbo jumbo that litters the pages of the average insurance policy. This is a big step forward.

Insurance providers are over run with all sorts of lawyers, attorney's, para legals and other variants of the legal trade. Over time this has led to proliferation of specialized language that seeks to nail down responsibilities, limit liabilities and provide the all important "back door outta here!" escape clauses that are vital to maintaining the Insurers financial health.

Well the jig is up now with Cigna's handy dandy Jargon translator. Or not.

Here are some examples:

 process your claim for payment



explanation of benefits (EOB)
 after you visit your doctor, you’ll get an explanation of benefits outlining the services you received, how much they cost, and how much your plan paid

 comprehensive, integrated

national committee for quality assurance (NCQA)
 a watchdog for quality of care over managed care plans and physician organizations

out-of-pocket (OOP)
 the total of all your payments before your insurance pays at 100% (may or may not include your deductible)

Over all, the jargon translator is a little weak. There appears to be exactly 42 phrases it provides translations for and none of them decode BOHICA. 

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