Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Who was responsible for Nathan Deal Winning His Primary? Libertarians, Baby, Libertarians.

Can you say "Cross Over?"

Sure you can.

Way back in the waning days of the republican primary the topic du jour at the secret underground Libertarian Command Center (LCC) was who would be the best republican for our guy John Monds to face in the general election? The die was cast for King Roy and that made our predictions from 2009 50% accurate, we wanted a 100% rating and were determined to get it.

A titanic struggle ensued over recommending  a course of action to Libertarian's who felt a need to meddle in the primaries to pick between Karen "Ethics?" Handel or Nathan "Stinky" Deal. The arguments ranged across the spectrum from "Nathan's gonna raise 6 times more money than Karen, don't pick him" to "Georgia is not ready for a female governor, pick her" to "does it really matter which one gets it? They're both republicans right?"

In the end Bludgeon & Skewer recommended that the readership to plunge into the republican primary and cast their ballots for Nathan Deal. The imagery of the televised debates featuring grumpy ol' Nathan on the right and Big Hair Roy on the left with reasonable John Monds in the middle was just too compelling. What greater contrast could be achieved? If Karen got the nod the imagery would be diluted in three dimensions and the impact of John's historic race for the Governorship would diminished by Karen's historic race to be the first female running for the that keen free housing down to the Governor's Mansion.

So the clarion call went out and the faithful were advised that their participation would be pivotal to the overall schema of the 2010 campaign and the follow on effort in 2012. And lo and behold, Nathan won by 2400 votes! Way to go Libertarian Cross Over Voters!

Never in our wildest dreams did we think the SS Nathan Deal would lumber into an iceberg in the shape of an undeclared bankruptcy. It was beyond speculation that 5 weeks out from the election the presumed victor would be struggling to maintain his candidacy amid emerging howls that he step down for the good of the republican party. And poor old Karen's head must be ready to explode if in fact it has not already done so.

Facts are facts, even in politics. There was concerted effort on the part of Libertarian activists to influence the outcome of the republican primary and those efforts have paid off handsomely. The Governors race has veered sharply off it's projected course and as a result, Libertarian John Monds and the rest of the Libertarian slate are poised to reap the rewards of Nathan's folly. 

It is time to vote your conscience this fall. It's time to vote for Libertarian John Monds for Governor and make sure he polls 20%+1. 2010 is the year to break the back of the republican/democrat duopoly on political power in Georgia and insist on at least three choices on the ballot from now on. 1943 has receded into the dim past and the future for Georgia is bright if Georgia voters choose to stand on principle and vote Libertarian. 

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  1. Shane, you can take any news and make it fun. Your take on politics is informative, but I always chuckle.
    Keep up the good work!