Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What are the Top Three Insurance Issues in Georgia?

Time for a Libertarian survey on the Office of the Commissioner of Insurance and Fire Safety.

What are the top three issues for Libertarians on the topic of Insurance? Most of us have insurance of some sort, usually at the behest of the state as a condition for driving on the oh so pleasant highways and byway of our great state. So what are the three things about Insurance in Georgia that really grind your gears?

Some suggested topics:

-Health Insurance Mandates the state insists you need. We have 45 already, why not an even hundred?

-The use of Credit Bureau scores to determine your auto insurance rates? Good credit = low insurance, bad credit = high insurance. Who cares how you drive?

-The continuing saga of Georgia's unfunded High Risk Pool, or how the feds are gonna run that shop in Georgia with out any input from you or me.

-The incredible shrinking pool of Insurance companies willing to write policies for children due to ramifications from this years ObamaCare bill. We are down to two providers in Georgia.

This is a short starting list of suggested topics. During my travels around the state as the Libertarian candidate for Insurance Commissioner the only unity I've seen so far is that every single Georgian that has had to use the policy he or she contracted for is exceedingly pissed off at their insurance company. Not a good sign in my opinion.

So think about it and toss in your own suggestion here at the Blog or over at the FaceBook page. I really want to know what the top three Libertarian Insurance Issues are.

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