Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Press Release From Libertarian Chuck Donovan

For Immediate Release

Libertarian Senate Candidate Receives Endorsement on C-SPAN

ATLANTA, GA – September 15, 2010 – Political activist Joe McCutchen yesterday made his endorsement for Chuck Donovan nationwide. Speaking on C-SPAN’s Greta Brawner segment, McCutchen reiterated his unconditional support for Donovan’s campaign for U.S. Senator in Georgia.

“I supported Johnny Isakson because I thought he would be a taxpayer champion,” McCutchen said. “Instead he turned out to be a pork champion. On November 2nd, I’m voting for Chuck Donovan."

This morning, McCutchen followed last night’s endorsement by speaking out in favor of Chuck’s candidacy on the Al Gainey Show, WDUN News Talk, AM 550, Gainsville, GA.

McCutchen, a Donovan supporter for months, announced in his latest monthly newsletter his unconditional support for Chuck Donovan’s campaign for U.S. Senator in Georgia. “I have gotten to know Chuck well in the past few months, and I am confident he will put the interests of the taxpayers first in all his decisions,” McCutchen said.

In the newsletter, McCutchen wonders whether Georgians will continue to vote for the same old thing with the hope that something will change for the better, or if they will squarely face the issues and vote for the best candidate to solidly address those issues.

“Johnny is a nice guy, but he fails the Spending Test, and we just cannot afford more of him,” says McCutchen. “If voters are concerned about the economy, the national debt, and federal spending, you have only one Senate candidate you can vote for. You have got to vote for Donovan.”

Joe McCutchen, referred to by CNN as “The dean of all callers”, is a well-known conservative activist from Ellijay, Georgia.

Chuck Donovan is leading a revolution against big government spending. Learn more about his campaign at his website,

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