Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stirrin' the Pot over at the Augusta Chronicle

Looks like the State Farm crew had a Forum in Duluth.

Alas, no invite for me. I'm not surprised as I am the most difficult candidate in Georgia to get a hold of, just ask the guys and gals at WSB TV2. It took them two days to track me down. I did see the write up by Walter Jones and just had to leave some breadcrumbs in my wake. Take a spin over to the article and toss in your two cents worth.

Greetings All,

Taylor B is correct. I was not at the forum because I had no idea it was going on. I did note from the article that candidates Hudgens and Squires were present and offered up some quotable quotes. I did not see one word about how we're going to lower our auto insurance rates from 8th highest in the nation down to a respectable 25th, no one started the conversation rolling on educating the citizens of Georgia on the fact that they're paying a 4.5% premium tax on their insurance products or any discussion on the "Captive" insurance giveaways.

Pretty much what you would expect from established republican and democrat candidates seeking to perpetuate more of the same old same old. Mayhap the next forum will invite me, mayhap not. I'm still in the race and remember, on 2 NOV 10 the ballot will read Shane Bruce (L), Ralph Hudgens (R) and Mary Squires (D). So vote for #1 Libertarian Shane Bruce.

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  1. I think the way to get invited is to have the state LP looking for these forums and then call out the dogs to hound them into including you. See if you can get Brett right on that.....haha