Thursday, September 2, 2010

Libertarian Kevin Cherry Dominates the Georgia Organics Debate

Just in from the Georgia Organics debate at the Emory complex.

Libertarian candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture, Kevin Cherry, simply knocked it out of the park with his opening statement and continued to dominate the debate until it's conclusion. Outstanding work Kevin!

This was the first debate between all three contenders for office of Commissioner of Agriculture since the conclusion of the primary run-offs and as a down ballot race it has not drawn much attention. The event was put by the dedicated crew over
Georgia Organic's and ranks as the best run political debate/event/forum that I've been to this year. Wonderful setting, attentive polite crowd, great moderator and interesting exchanges between the candidates.

All in the comfort and tasteful settings of the Tull Auditorium, a far cry from swatting mosquito's and wiping the sweat out of your eyes at some of the summer events I attended. The best part was that nobody had their hand stuck out for a $100 bucks for a table to put your stuff on.

Video was shot of the entire event in case you didn't see it streamed live. As soon as I can find an embeddable copy I'll put it up. In the meantime, two videos from tonights event are up at the OODA999 channel over at Youtube.

Once again, OutStanding Job Kevin!

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