Thursday, September 30, 2010

Life Insurance Giant Prudential Financial Unloads on republican Ralph Hudgens

There's more to this Viatical/Life Settlement thing than I thought. 

There's an interesting missive from a supreme high mucky muck from Prudential Financial whining about Ralph's position on making life insurance companies advertise their competitor's services in the lucrative Viatical/Life Settlement industry. According to Prudential, the paperwork compliance load alone will set them back millions of dollars.

Ain't it great when one set of rent seeking corporations does battle with another set of rent seeking corporations over the rights to your bones? You can read the PDF file here, as my cyber ninja skills aren't up to pasting it onto the blog.

Another interesting development is the publication of an article that addresses Ralph's unsuitability as Commissioner of Insurance by Viatical specialist Gloria Wolk over at OPEdNews. Temper, Ralph, Temper.

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