Thursday, September 30, 2010

Libertarian Chuck Donovan's Message Resonates with the Tea Party
September 30, 2010
Chuck Donovan  who is running for US Senate in GA, and is looking to unseat old Republican Isakson seems to be the darling of the Tea Party in the Peach State. Donovan is running on a libertarian and constitutional platform so conservative that it makes Isakson seem like a Democrat in the eyes of many Tea Partiers.
He had this to say about his opponents:
“Both of you speak of fiscal discipline, but neither of you have demonstrated your commitment by putting your name on the line.” He continued, “In particular, Johnny Isakson is trying to portray himself to Georgia voters as a ‘fiscal conservative’. His record shows he has been a fiscal disaster.” Donovan goes on to warn Georgia voters “Don’t think it will be different this time unless you vote differently.”

Chuck Donovan’s Message to the Tea Party:

There have been a lot of commentators giving their opinions of the Tea
Party Movement lately.  Some have been nicer than others and an
accurate portrayal of its members is usually not part of the equation.
More often than not, Tea Partiers are characterized as right-wingers,
racists, and rehashed neoconservatives.
I can tell you that I have attended several Tea Parties across the
state of Georgia as the Libertarian Candidate for US Senate.  As most
people imagine, the Tea Parties and I agree on a lot.  We agree that
the run away spending of the Obama Administration is unacceptable.  We
agree that our national debt will cripple the potential prosperity of
future generations.  When I say that the Wall Street Bailout was a
travesty, I always get a round of applause.
But the most telling part of my interaction with the Tea Party isn’t
that we agree so much.  It’s how much the Tea Party is willing to turn
against an established Republican who has C- rating from the National
Tax Payers Union.  During non-election years that is.  Mr. Isakson
puts on the fiscal responsibility show during election years.  At
every Tea Party that I have spoken in front of, members have told me
that they aren’t buying it this time.
There is a difference between the politicians seeking Tea Party
endorsements and the Tea Parties themselves. The former is hoping to
get blind support from the latter.  But the latter has principals that
they aren’t willing to compromise.  It shows that they have learned
some hard lessons since, being the average Americans; they are bearing
the costs of bad policies by bad politicians.  Tea Partiers generally
don’t see politicians as a solution.  Rightly, they see establishment
politicians as part of the problem.
Most of the commentators I have read have glossed over this important
fact.  Of course someone somewhere will find an exception or scoff at
the idea that Tea Party is anything good.  But I can say with
confidence that the Tea Party I have met is more legitimate than I
initially gave them credit for.  The future is more important than
party politics.  The Tea Party and the Libertarian Party get it.  The
other two parties seem to have lost sight of that.
Chuck Donovan
Libertarian Candidate for US Senate
State of Georgia
Chuck Donovan is now the only U.S. Senate candidate in Georgia to sign the No Pork Pledge. The No Pork Pledge is published by the Citizens Against Government Waste.

Chuck Donovan answers the Liberty Candidate questions:

Libertarian Party blog: ‘Libertarian U.S. Senate Candidate Chuck Donovan is leading a revolution against big government spending’

Don’t miss Chuck’s Blog “What is Liberty” and all the others. He is the Tea Party’s and thinking man’s candidate!

These guys get it! Vote for Libertarian Chuck Donovan for US Senate!

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