Saturday, August 28, 2010

What in Hell is Going on with Mary Squires Videos?


Democrat candidate for Insurance Commissioner Mary Squires gave a pretty good stump speech at the democrat convention in Athens and it's had 13 views since 20 AUG 10? What's wrong with that picture? It was a pretty good speech by democrat standards, that bit about being qualified for the State Fire Inpector because she went to NBC school was a stretch, but since I went to NBC school during my service career, I'm gonna have to give her a by on that.

All I remember about the course was counting rentgens and using field expedient methods to measure the size of the mushroom cloud to see if it was time to BOAKYAG or not. There wasn't a whole lot of info on fire sprinklers or building codes and stuff, but maybe she went to a longer course. Maybe not.

It's the 13 views I'm concerned about. Of the the 13 views, 3 of them came from the post I put up here on Bludgeon & Skewer on the 20th when Georgia Politico first released the video. It took me a while to find the copy because Georgia Politico used to be Georgia Liberal and must have changed the name to grab some extra hits on search phrases like that Paulding Pundit guy. Jeeze Louise, I put up a flippy of Libertarian Kevin Cherry's son, Andrew, endorsing his dad and it's got 44 downloads since the 22nd.

You democrats need to step up and support your candidate and watch her damn stump speech. It's the polite thing to do. If you don't, then Ralphie is gonna win clean even after I take 15% out of his hide in the general and you don't want that. I don't want that either but I'm sure that Ralphie wouldn't mind.

I know she can't win, it's republican year in a republican state and Ralph's got all the money insurance industry lobbyists and owners can legally shovel into his war chest not to mention $8 million bucks of his own, but how about giving it the old college try democrats. It's not like it's costing you aything except 6:43 of your life you'll never get back.

So watch Mary's video and be quick about it.

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