Friday, August 27, 2010

A Salute to Libertarian Rhonda Martini

21 Guns, baby, 21 Guns.

We have a new member of the Libertarian Ticket this fall. Our original candidate for Lt Governor, Rhonda Martini, was faced with the difficult choice of continuing her candidacy and forgetting about a member of her family or getting out of the race and focusing on whats important. I believe she made the correct choice.

Politics is politics and family is family. Politics are transient while our families form the foundations of who and what we are. Rhonda has been a Georgia Libertarian party stalwart and was instrumental in making sure that the Libertarian party ticket came together this year and got all 10 candidates on the ballot. That would not have happened without her, she truly made history with own two hands.

That she is not a traditional politician is an understatement. We all watched our republican and democrat brothers and sisters eviscerate each other during the primary season. They are true examples of what the lust for political power will cause a supposedly sane person to do and say to gain it. Can you imagine Casey Cagle or Nathan Deal making the same decision as Rhonda? I can not.

So a 21 gun salute to you Rhonda. I know you'll be around the campaign trail as the fall progresses, just not as much as I would have liked. Know that you have been instrumental in moving Liberty in Georgia closer to the goal line and that contibution is invaluable.

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