Monday, August 30, 2010

There's Gonna Be a Atlanta Press Club Debate on GPB in October!

Que Camera 1.

Just in via email, I've been invited to and will attend the Atlanta Press Club's TV debate on Georgia Public Broadcasting scheduled for 24 OCT 10. It's a long way off and less than two weeks before the general election so I'm pleased as punch about the timing. Maybe one of my opponents will do or say something between now and then to liven up this rather dull race.

Mary still hasn't put anything fresh on her website since 23 JUN 10, but another 4 democrats have looked at her convention speech since Saturday. At that rate about another 120 viewers are waiting in the wings. That's not gonna put her over the top this fall. Ratchet it up democrats.

The APC also hit me up with a questionnaire so they could do a little show prep. It's a standard 3 bullet, 40 character limit self authored sound bite type thing and I had a pretty good time with it so it's reproduced below for your reading enjoyment:

Candidate Name: ___Shane Bruce______________________________________________

Seeking Office of: ____Commissioner of Insurance and Fire Safety_____________________________________________

Please provide information about your professional and educational background. Descriptions should be no more than 40 characters, including spaces and punctuation.

Examples: Chair, Boys & Girls Club of Colquitt Co. and JD, University of Georgia

1. BS Speech, Georgia Southern College 1980__________________________________________________________

2. Officer, US Army Signal Corps 1982-1986_________________________________________________________

3. Libertarian Blogger and political activist 2008 to present______________________________________________________________

Please provide information about your platform. Again, descriptions should be no more than 40 characters, including spaces and punctuation.

Example: Support creation of charter schools

1. Fund the Georgia High Risk Pool by reallocating the 4.5% insurance premium tax.____________________________________________________________

2. Move Georgia from 8th highest auto insurance rates in the USA to 49th, where we rank in education, by cracking down on uninsured motorists.___________________________________________________________

3. Hire additional Fire Safety Inspectors by sacking Oxendine’s political appointees.______________________________________________________________

Please provide information about your family background. Again, descriptions should be no more than 40 characters, including spaces and punctuation.

Example: Married to Mary Smith for 40 years

1. Married for 26 years to the incredibly tolerant Lisa Cranwell-Bruce. Proud father of 4 talented children on their way to adulthood. ______________________________________________________________


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