Monday, July 19, 2010

Who's gonna get "Greened" in Georgia this Fall?

Ya'll remember Alvin Greene over in South Carolina? C'mon, he's the cat that won the democrat primary for US Senate a little while ago with nothin', zilch, nada. Here's his first public appearance courtesy of WCNC in Charlotte.

How are Georgia and South Carolina similar? We're both saddled with unverifiable electronic voting machines from the same company! Yay! That means any of our stellar candidates for public office could win by the effects of disobedient electrons regardless of how big their campaigns are, how much moola they mooch from PACs, special interest groups and of course their own national political machines. Talk about a leveled playing field.

Now Ex-SecState Karen Handle could have solved this little problem during her oh so brief tenure like she promised in her campaign for SecState. Didn't happen. Any bets on some surprises this fall? Hell, any bets on some surprises tomorrow?

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